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Having to have a pet euthanized can be one of the hardest decisions a pet owner ever has to make. This is especially true with pets who have a longer life span and for all practical purposes become looked upon as members of the family. At Paws and Feathers Veterinary Clinic Inc, the process of euthanasia can be hard on us as well. We feel for the owner, and in many cases we have looked after the pet we will be putting to sleep for many years.

While some pets die peacefully of old age, others suffer during their last weeks or days, which is all the more reason to rely on us for pet euthanasia in Chicago, IL. Euthanasia, as we practice it, is a painless and easy as can be process. The first thing the animal is apt to notice is that any pain or discomfort it may have been experiencing will immediately subside. It will feel relaxed, drowsy, and then go to sleep. The process lasts a very few minutes, and it is a peaceful process.

Because we offer a portable veterinary service, the process can be done at your home if you wish. Some pet owners wish to be present, while others do not. That decision is always yours to make, as is the decision as to whether to have you pet euthanized. We are always ready and willing to discuss the situation with you to help you arrive at a decision that you are comfortable with. If now is not the time, but you feel the time may be approaching, we will be more than happy to discuss things with you and offer our advice.

Make an appointment to bring your pet in for an examination if you wish. We are in a position to tell you if it is in pain, whether its condition is terminal, or if treatment is an option. Give us a call today.

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