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Paws and Feathers Veterinary Clinic Inc is the best choice for exotic pet care in Chicago, IL. Practically any animal other than a dog or cat could be described as an exotic pet. Most pets in this category are smaller animals, and as such, if they are injured or become ill, their condition often deteriorates rapidly. Not all veterinary clinics are experienced in treating birds, reptiles, or other small animals such as hamsters or hedgehogs.

We provide exotic pet care services very similar to those we provide for the more conventional pets, although these services often have to be customized to be most effective for the particular type of animal. Nevertheless, we can provide dental care, make extensive use of radiology and blood work in the course of our diagnostic processes, or perform surgery if it becomes necessary.

No matter what type of pet it is, whether it is a bird, a fish, a reptile, or a tiny fuzzy creature, we know it is a beloved companion of the person who brings it to us, and we treat it as such. Every animal we look after or treat receives unique attention of one kind or another. Our services include looking after the nutritional needs of your pet as well, especially since many of the problems we encounter in the animals that are brought to us can be traced back to dietary issues or deficiencies.

We love animals of all kinds. We love to look out for them, keep them healthy and happy, and make things better if they are sick or hurt.

If your exotic pet has a health problem, or if you have questions regarding its care and feeding, talk to one of our technical staff members today, and we will provide you with the information or assistance you need.

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