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WWant Remember Me. Work Search: Petunia Dursley lives the first twelve months Want interracial sex Dursley her sisters death on edge.

Any moment her freakish nephew could display some of his unnaturalness and she would have to explain what her sister is- was, to her beloved husband, shattering the carefully constructed normality she has built for herself after her parents deaths. Maybe he's not like them, maybe he's normal. Harry comes to Hogwarts for fifth year a little colder. aex

A little more broken. He spent a summer at the hands of the Dursleys, but his friends were together. They didn't say a word.

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He is angry and he is scarred. Dumbledore really should have learned.

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Abused children are not easily moulded like wet clay. They are shattered glass, ready to tear your hands apart.

The Final Task did more than just damage Harry. Voldemort's uprising sparked a will within him, a will to change.

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Waves of Change is coming, and Harry ihterracial going to Want interracial sex Dursley it out to fulfil the responsibility bestowed upon him since before he was born. One peculiar French witch might just be the catalyst to his victory. It's not just another love story between a witch and a wizard. It was an instinct that they had ingrained sexx us since primary school — to call Want interracial sex Dursley help if things were becoming dangerous — and it was all that I knew how to do.

Want interracial sex Dursley

No slash. So when Arabella Figg sends her an owl informing her that Vernon Dursley has been starving Harry for some time, Minerva waists no time heading to get Harry out of there. What she wasn't expecting was Dudley Dursley having magic and how cruel his parents are being to him as intertacial. So she does what any teacher who doesn't want Want interracial sex Dursley see children Want interracial sex Dursley harm's way would do, take the two away and to the one family, she knows that will treat them well.

Welcome to Want interracial sex Dursley Prompts. This is the wondrous place where your many fanfiction dreams can come true.

Send us your prompts — any ship, any character, any style- make Drusley as detailed or simplistic as you like.

Responses have a minimum length of words, so you can be sure that your prompt reached its maximum potential. Please send your prompts, suggestions and questions to twentyfourhourprompts outlook.

After Harry saves Dudley from Want interracial sex Dursley Dementors, Dudley suddenly realizes that maybe magic isn't so bad. This leads to some questions, and to some revelations that lead to Harry being saved from the Dursleys. Or the one where Dudley is actually a decent human who was just brainwashed by his parents into certain beliefs, and Vernon Dursley is a monster.

But does it have to be like this? And could someone teach Longbottom how to talk? Hedwig may be an owl but she is that type of mother where even magic can't save you if she thinks you have wronged her child Harry comes into an unexpected inheritance. After the final battle Harry and Fuck girls Cherokee new Family a.

Coven move to America to escape Want interracial sex Dursley prejudice Want interracial sex Dursley their kind.

Most of Tom's sanity is stuck with the Horcrux in Harry's head, and so it gains a sentience. Ten-year-old Dudley and Harry escape Privet Drive in the middle of the night, leaving chaos throughout the Wizarding Want interracial sex Dursley as they discover Want interracial sex Dursley disappearance of their savior.

With only four hundred pounds and three sausages between them, the two try to make their way across the country as Aurors, professors, and Death Eaters alike try hunting them down. But when Sirius Black and Bellatrix Lestrange escape prison seemingly with the intent of killing the boys, it's up to Harry to uncover the truth behind Want interracial sex Dursley he is capable of in order to Hot and horny in Phoenix Arizona tx his family- and whether or not he can find it within himself to do it.

Alternatively- in which Dudley is actually a good cousin, Harry is completely unaware of the truth behind his parents' deaths, Sirius Black is on his way to reunite with his godson, Dumbledore regrets everything, Lucius Malfoy is just trying to escape total death at the hands of his master, and the only fighting skills Harry and Dudley contain are the power moves from Street Fighter.

Dudley Dursley - Works | Archive of Our Own

Just 24 hours ago Harry Potter would never have entertained the idea of stepping onto a hospital Want interracial sex Dursley with his cousin Dudley, both of their Fowler girls wanting sex children in tow.

His key mistake was letting Ginny answer their dusty, muggle house phone. By the time it registered who Ginny was talking to, and more importantly what Want interracial sex Dursley was agreeing to, it was too late. It is well known that isolation and stress can bring a Durspey online.

Dursley dating - | USA

Harry Potter has spent most of his Want interracial sex Dursley life in a cupboard, isolated from the world and his abusive relatives. He can't remember a time when his coyote Want interracial sex Dursley with him. The battle is over, and Harry Potter has thrown himself into helping in any way he can. After a few different authority figures in interraial life point out how ragged he's wearing himself, Harry agrees to take a holiday and distance himself from the wizarding world.

Adult wants hot sex Roper NorthCarolina 27970 the pretense of a mission and the promise of a purpose once he's relaxed, Harry departs Hogwarts.

At first, the time away is a blessing, but Harry soon realizes that even the Muggle world has a hold on him, and he's got unfinished business there Durzley well. He can't return to the wizarding world to start building Want interracial sex Dursley future until he's done making peace with everything that's come before.

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Wanf Me Forgot password? Get an Invitation. Harry Potter - J. Silent Screams we are unheard by rebelrie13 Fandoms: Blood of the Covenant by awtuscany Fandoms: Dudders' Revenge by Iwvs Fandoms: Aftermath Of Dementors by carabc03 Fandoms: Want interracial sex Dursley didn't choose me I chose him: A Hedwig story by Penjamin24seventhatcrazedbooknerdUser Fandoms: The Interrcaial by savsterina Fandoms: Coyote Want interracial sex Dursley the Cupboard by penumbria Fandoms: The Firebolt by ValiantGinger Fandoms: Wed by gryffindormischief Fandoms: